Integraguy04's new whip - 1988 Honda CRX HF


So i decided to give the CRX a little bit more grip and got some used Gen 1 pro'Cs from my friend for $300. I got black blox lca's for free and put everything together and this is the result so far. The gsr fat fives are the ones that i polished for my integra but i have the RPF1's on the teg now.



brooo where did you get that bumper sticker?
Actually i got that sticker off some website like 3 years ago, it was going to go on my old rex crx that i had...somehow i misplaced it and i found it a few months ago and was like "why not" it is an old ass car lol

Hahaha, i never though you would lower it, looking nice
thanks, i didnt think i would of either, but i mean 300 for skunk2 pro-S suspension from my buddy, i had to do it

that is one sexy whip dude:thumbs up
thanks man...i have to post up some new pics and also update

Recently i got rid of that dumb ass muffler and got a 2.5" cat back with a stock muffler. My mentality was even though the pipe is really big for a 50 HP motor lol, if i ever do a swap it would be nice just to replace the muffler and nothing else, i got the stock muffler just cuz i wanted it quiet.

I also replaced the tie rods, and the passenger side wheel bearing and ball joint were shot, so i did those too

still getting 45-50mpg!!!

my Check engine light came on for my EGR valve, going to have to look into that though


Dam I like inside nothing jst like ma teggy no rear panels or seats jst front carpet nd headliner that's bout it