My 2000 DB7


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Did the big 3 upgrade! A buddy of mine picked up some 5 gauge wire for me from a junk yard. I was gonna use it to power my amp (the wire now is a little too small), but it was too thick to fit in the amp, so I re-grounded my engine/trans/battery with it instead.



Looks good! I didn't even think about doing the one from the battery haha

Rolling shots look good too :)


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Just got a new strut bar from a kid at school for $20

The list of to do's as of right now (not necessarily in this order):

- in the middle of some engine appearance mods
- new timing belt/water pump
- headers
- exhaust
- cam seal
- tint top 5" of windshield
- shave emblems

keep commenting!!


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Just finished up the LED conversion, not too happy about the color, but the brightness is 100% better. It was supposed to be "cool white" according to blue to me. But i don't think i'm going to change it any time soon.



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Much better!!!!


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New engine goodies are all installed!

Spark Plug Wire Cover (courtesy of Cole) :thumbs up
Spoon Sports oil cap
Aftermarket strut bar w/ CI decal
Painted header cover and dipstick
Battery harness paint is drying as I type
Big 3 upgrade (previously posted)

Let me know what you think!

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