Northwest Roll Call

Its not looking good
From where?

We need to do a long cruise to somewhere.
Ok, cool.

It's hard getting these ballers on here together because they're too busy making all that money.
It must be really sunny outside because no body is on here...o_O
You're in OR, you don't know cloudy until you're in WA.
Well there you go. WA might make you commit suicide.
Damn, that's new.

I don't mind it, but it's usually associated with rain, leaves and STUPID drivers.

So I'm usually scared around this time of year but for all the wrong
No one knows how to drive in the rain here. It's awful.

People need to learn to be patient when it rains. Everyone is in a hurry all the time. They drive on wet pavement, like they drive on drive pavement, thinking they can stop on a dime SMH