Northwest Roll Call

Is it bad that I have no idea where that is?

Welcome to the site pimp.
being a computer geek, didnt they teach you to use GOOGLE? :lol:
Its in eastern WA by Kennewich and Pasco along with Richland. Why its called the Tri Cities ;)
Fuc that East talk. I'm not going back onto that I90 road. i literally drove on it from the east coast and never want to see it
lol, you could always take hwy 2 to get there :p
You ride highway 2, you don't drive it.....
I'll just post my farewell to this NW region section. There are hardly anyone on the site any more, muchless this page.

So good bye Club Integra NW region section, it was probably jumping back in the 'hay day', but unfortunately for me, that was before my time.