OBD1/OBD2 JDM/USDM Oil Pump Differences?


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I'm currently getting a JDM B20 motor ready to swap into my 96 LS Integra, and I wanted to get everything sorted out. One thing I read was the timing gear needed replaced so that the oil pump can read the crank position sensor. Well I bought a used pump and a new timing gear, and the gear doesn't seem to fit right.

Can someone confirm if there is a pump difference between engines/models? It appears that there is a small raised area that I think is the problem.


With USDM timing gear

Without timing gear

With JDM timing gear

I do know about the CKF Bypass trick, but I was hoping to avoid that to prevent any sort of emissions hangups. Any input appreciated, thanks.


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You have an OBD1 '96...?


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the timing cover, the oil pump and crank sensor. IIRC all obd2 ones are the same (ITR OIL PUMP) and the OBD1s have different ones. I would just get obd2


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No I have OBD2, but I thought the pump in the picture that I bought was OBD2 and the timing gear doesn't fit. I went ahead and ordered an 96+ oil pump, I'll post pictures of it when I get it.


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Okay so I finally got the new oil pump.

New is on top, JDM is on bottom.

New is left, JDM is right.

New oil pump installed with new timing gear.

Everything with the timing belt.

So obviously there is a difference between OBD2 and JDM. There's a bigger area around the gear in the front and I'm assuming the CKF sensor mounts around that. This still doesn't answer the question about OBD1 oil pumps though, so if anyone has a picture of one that would be nice to compare it to.


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OK what was the final outcome adding the US OBD2 B18 oil pump to the JDM B20. I want to put one in my 98 LS replacing my tired B18. It is also my understanding you need to swap over the B18 intake manifold and related for it all to work without OBD2 issues. I don't want to mess with the bypass trick and jack up my wiring. I just want the thing to work for my old daily driver project with no BS. 100% stock car no hotrod stuff. Current motor has 298K on it and has 2 center cylinders that won't hold decent leak down pressure, but still runs pretty good and ain't throwing codes.