Official Point and Shoot [P&S] Photography thread


A grass hopper?

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Yes grass Hoppers/crickets. I loved reptiles when I was younger but they all ate crickets and I would always have crickets in my bed and shit. Like, theyre on the groundand then you try and squish them and then BOOM they junp off to God knows where....


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So far ive only posted old photos taken with a canon p&s but since i no longer have it, i either take photos with my dslr or iphone . Heres some panorama from the 4s and a few others.



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Yup. Surprised me too. Every time I look at my Hawaii pics I wanna book tickets back there :(


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covert_Con just a tip, but try to turn down the highlights a bit, or just increase the radius. The ground shadowing is giving it away.

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