Official Point and Shoot [P&S] Photography thread


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A recent discussion lead to the idea for a thread to share photos taken with point and shoot cameras. This refers to cameras that are not slr's. SLR's can be used as a point and shoot but the purpose of this thread is to see what people capture with non slr's, the type of digital you cameras you buy off the shelf at any store. The kind that most people buy and carry with them for convenience. The only rule here is no slr/dslr photos and preferably no photoshop. Show us what you got!

Its ideal to to add some information regarding the camera used, for example... brand, model, shooting mode. Genereal information or description that you feel could help others.

So, i'll start. Ive actually got a ton of photos cus i kept a slim canon digicam with me for years.

Canon 5mp digicam. Some 02 model or so that i cant remember which cus its since been lost to the universe.



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You really had to start the thread with food? I'm hungry now, dammit :lol:

Back on subject though, I took these a long ass time ago with an old Kodak 6MP



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Kodak easy share something something.

Pictures. Uploading them from my phone through Tapatalk after saving them from photobucket so the quality may not all be there.

Most of these were taken on auto. But I played around with my ISO settings here and there for one or two. Nothing special tho.

And they're all car photos because it's all I use it for :/ sowwy

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These photos really aren't that bad...Now I really want my camera to come in so I can test out a 16mp point and shoot lol.
Of course I'm basing comparison on my cell phone camera (Galaxy Nexus)


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lol all of mine are wither from a P&S or a phone. My roommate got a Nikon1 V1 for Christmas though, so when it gets warmer we are gonna go play with it!


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We need a cellphone thread also lol.

Or do we already 0.o
Here's my super my cool iPhone 4 pics. No has 5 no need yet tho. Mine hasn't completely broke

Random iPhone peechers

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Actually i wasnt counting phones into the mix but its not a bad idea to have them so people can see which ones do well and which ones dont in comparison to each other and against non slr digital cameras. However if youd like to start a phone dedicated thread thered be lots of contribution.

People dont be knowin. Iphones use sony cameras. :mrgreen: I dont know if this is still true in the iphone 5 however.