pinkley's "gettin there slow RS" thread

I was somewhat productive today. Painted the handle and gas lid. Worked on my sub box some more. Needs to be bondo'd in a few spots and sanded.


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Wow, come a long way already!

Keep it up man
I have sold a lot of my toys to get this car this far. My Ps3, xbox360, wii, and a lot of other things I didn't need lol.
Lol I might sell my 360 too xD lol but I'm still a gamer so I'm not sure, but that's a good idea! It's hard when u have a GF though. Aha especially at my age xD but the build is goin nicely!
It's really hard when you have a wife, kids, mortgage, and other responsibilities too lol. That's why I sold my old toys to buy new ones. Even sold a few of my guns that I loved so much.
Snapped this with my iPhone on the way to work today. Wish I had a decent camera because that would have been a good shot!

This reminds me a ton of my 99 GS that I did. It was silver and I did the whole silver and black thing. You going with a spoiler made me a little sad though
I was looking at my car today and remembered this post, now I'm sad I drilled holes in my hatch. Fml!
I have extra plastic plugs for spoiler holes if you want to go wingless again..
I've been patiently waiting to buy more upgrades now I'm just waiting on the UPS Truck to pull up....

Post pics of the goods when they get here.
I also hit the bumper with some sand paper to knock off some of the surface rust then sprayed it with some satin black.
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