Samurai Blue's Integra Build

Welcome to my build. Since this is a long thread, I broke it down a bit through this table of contents:

Table of Contents
Page 3: Wash and Ground Control Purchase
Page 5: HID, lip and front lowering
Page 8: HID, lip and front lowering in detail, lowering the rear
Page 10: Accident and first Auto X in Marina, CA
Page 11: Photos on PCH
Page 13: Auto X in Marina, CA
Page 14: Photo shoot in park
Page 15: GSR cluster purchase, Benen tie bar purchase
Page 16: Photos with roof rack fitment
Page 18: Wink mirror, Skunk2 rear strut bar, RS Machine ITR pistons
Page 20: Benen tie bar install
Page 22: Hawk HP+ pads, Falken 615 Azenis, rotors and brake lines
Page 24: Function 7 LCAs
Page 26: Greddy header
Page 27: HKS Hi Power, ITR Strong Bar
Page 28: camera mount, porting gsr head
Page 31: S2k Seats
Page 32: Black Interior parts
Page 33: Miracle X bar
Page 35: Black interior swap
Page 37: Mountain dew intake, spon stuff
Page 38: pictures
Page 41: Alignment, RT615k for Gram Lights
Page 43: Buttonwillow
Page 44: Arm Rest Delete
Page 45: throwback pictures
Page 46: GSR block tear down
Page 47: New GSR block
Page 50: more head porting
Page 52: JDM GSR cluster, clean pistons
Page 53: Brake upgrade
Page 58: Head and crank machined
Page 60: New motor mounts
Page 63: Camber kit
Page 69: AC delete
Page 70: vector art
Page 71: Aaron's Brex and camber kit install
Page 73: Thunderhill
Page 74: Random photos with friends
Page 76: valve spring install
Page 77: received pr3 pistons
Page 78: Pistons swapped, arp rod bolts, hone block
Page 80: new sway bar
Page 81: clutch and flywheel and motor swap
Page 84: head gasket swap, wiring up vtec
Page 86: Getting stuff ready to tune
Page 87: Tune at Raceline USA
Page 89: CMI fiasco
Page 93: Intake Install
Page 96: Injectors returned from RC
Page 98: Alpha Header
Page 99: Alpha Header install
Page 101: Retune at Raceline USA
Page 102: Sway bar and Buttonwillow testing

June 7th 2008 first day of owning the car.

Aug 2013

Thank you to my sponsors and supporters!

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oh thanks for the advice, ive always thought they were pretty good since they were always around at the shops.
Well, it's one of those things where you get what you pay for. Cheap price = cheap quality. There's a good header on ebay that's called a Hytech replica. Even though its a replica it's dyno proven the best bang for the buck. The genuine Hytech header is very expensive $1200 range (but has been proven to be one of the industry leaders).


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yeah...i wish it was blue too. But not alot of people have the green teg. so im happy i have something different. My name is kind of misleading huh?
lol im gonna have to go ahead and disagree on that one. hell i think green may even be one of the most common along with silver

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