The official Cascade Honda Crew thread.


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Official Cascade Honda Crew Thread, for anything club/member related. Whether it's meet planning, general club info, tech talk, or just bulls***tin.

Members are voted in, majority wins.If interested in joining, post here if ya want, or shoot me a PM telling me a little bit about yourself and a pic of your ride...Or email us at '' with the same info.
Questions and concerns may be taken up with Me, skid, or da9_253.

All members are expected to stay active and participate in this thread to keep up with current events and info.
We take this seriously, all members are expected to do the same.
All members are encouraged to spread the word of the crew to help us grow.

Upcoming meet info:

Where? Spanaway Park
14905 Bresemann Blvd. South
Spanaway, WA 98387

(I would like to meet at the same area we did last time, hopefully we get lucky.)

When? Saturday March 22nd @ 4:00 PM

We're gonna be doin the usual BBQ, so we need to figure out who's bringing what..
D.Lo- Paper plates, napkins, plastic silverware.
Marc- Pop.
Skid- BBQ, BBQ utensils, cutting board, knife. (Dogs, perhaps?)
Brandon- Chips, and something else. :naughty:
is3- Burgers, buns and all the fixins!
SoundEfx- Garbage bags.

Decal Info

All decals can be found HERE.

C.H.C. event info can be found on the members forum,

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Cascade Honda Crew
Woot! thread is up!

To add on to what Dlo said, feel free to pm me as well.


Cascade Honda Crew

I think we should plan a meet. Nothing too big, just to get some face time, check out each others rides, talk aobut the club and so fourth. A bbq, or somethin of the like would be cool. I have rockband (drums and 1 guitar) if that interests anybody. We could meet at my place, but I only live in a 2 bed apartment. Things could get a little cramped, but if its not gonna be too many people it'll work. What do you guys think? Right after thanksgiving Im going hunting for a week, but after that I'm open. As of now, saturdays are best for me.


Cascade Honda Crew
Of course hatch has my vote! I thought he was already a member lol. That is the first time I've seen a good pic of his whip though...damn pretty :)

He told me he was gonna be back in sep of next year. Thats a long wait to see that beauty though lol. I cant wait :)


Cascade Honda Crew
That would be sick. I want to paint mine when I can afford it. Black, but I don't know what finish.