2nd Gen Roll Call!


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I only i had a camera :(

My mechanic has a 700hp Gen 2


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1990 ls w/ b16, cai, dnx axle back, rs*r ti 2000 springs......representing in the house


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i don't know if i posted in this thread yet. but this is my 92 DA. is in the august issue of Honda Tuning Magazine (Grassroots Section. pg.89)

Currently, the motor is Internally stock. Just a custom Cold Air Intake, Custom exhaust, Hondata S200.
Rockin 5Zigen FN01R-C wheels (16x7) w/ Toyo Proxes
Tein S-Tech Springs on (EWWWWW) stock shocks. *soon to be replaced with GC/Koni setup*
B&M Short Shifter etc.
shitty pic but oh well yall get the idea. 92 GS right now just ebay intake, dc 4-1 header, custom exhaust, tenzo-r springs, ADR wheels, short shifter, energy suspension shifter bushings, 1 piece black head lights, when i get back from the desert though its, b18b, stage 2 clutch, skunk 2 IM, crower stage2 cams, full exhaust, mugen replica side skirts, type r lip, carbon fiber hood,
god i cant wait to get back



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Just got a 91 LS on wednesday. I'll put pictues up later tonight, i need to go back to work now.

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dont remember if i posted...but pic of the car n my sig...
first post...

1991 integra LS. lowered on neuspeed coilovers, gsr fat fives, mugen cat back, dc 4-2-1 ceramic headers, b20 cams, k&n short ram intake, CF oem style hood, jdm one pieces with yellow fogs.

savin money up for LS/vtec installation. I have a jdm slightly built itr head and brand new skunk2 ecu, which finally came, waited a min for it.


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blazed said:
b20 cams.
How much does that do for you? performance wise.

blazed said:
...and brand new skunk2 ecu, which finally came, waited a min for it.
and you only waited a minute?! DAMN! lol

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