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The other asshole
There’s plenty of bigger bikes, but none with the seat/bar height Chungus has, Chungus is bigger than the YZ Which is odd because my old XR was about 3 inches shorter than the yz.


The other asshole
And for the record I’ve had the part number for 2 days, I was just being nice

I’ve got all the Honda power-up/HRC part numbers.


The other asshole
I save that for my gf. Like when she sticks her tongue out in my face, I give it a swift, gross lick because she hates any kind of tongue action


The other asshole
I just in general find it amusing when she dodges kisses to lick up the side of her face, if I can get the neck and maybe some shoulder too that’s a bonus

Dodging my fucking affection... like I’m just overflowing with love to give


The other asshole
Finally double checked and referenced everything, I have:

- the competition carb boot (16211-MBN-640)
- 165/168/172/175 main jets
-68s pilot jet (99105-MBN0680)

So all I need is the HRC/Comp tip ($151.58 from Partzilla) and I’ll have everything to properly uncork Chungus. I’m not gonna put the B53E comp needle in it because everyone says it’s not needed if the bike isn’t already having surging problems, which it isn’t.

It’s definitely still got the stock carb jets though, they said it was uncorked, but I rode it for a good hour today and it gets hot at idle. It’s way too lean.

Also gonna start going through the Sumo tonight. So far it needs:

- Kill switch (Someone broke the old one off)
- Clutch/Decomp lever/perch set + Decomp cable
- muffler repacked
- oil drained and refilled (has too much oil in it)
- Fork seals/forks refilled (They feel empty)
- Entire front end disassembled and reassembled because the cable routing and everything is all to fuck
- Front brake work (brake rubs/sticks)
- Grips
- Full size front fender (probably gonna get a newer CRF450r fender)
- New Seat foam and a cover (that thing that’s on it is a total fucking piece of shit, it looks bad, and it’s hard as a rock)
- Carb jetting and potentially uncorking as well because it doesn’t wanna idle, no doubt because of the gutted muffler for one, probably needs the comp carb boot too.

Also trying to decide on a new headlight, that piece of shit that’s on it is a Chinese eBay KLR/KLX knockoff. I’m looking into way to improve the X2 because the Chinese X2 reps are almost a spot on match to the actual ones, only 1/3rd of the price. I think it would look good with an X2 and some Acerbis bark busters like Chungus has.

I’m sure there’s more to be said, but I’ve already written a book on them


No fucks given.
What about something like this?

Apparently it’s DOT certified, so the light spread should be good on the road. Better if you throw a Hikari in there.