endo617: 98 Ej6 Project: Balanced Form


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Shout out to Downstar Inc.They made sure my stuff didn't get left on my mailbox which has been a never ending battle with the Postal Worker.

fixing my shock towers eventually

I lost this damn wastegate block off for month

Took delivery of my new engine. 98 spec Integra Type R long block



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Ohh nice, how much you got it for? If you don't mind sharing
well.. lets just say I paid retail. Prices have gone up since I've been in the game

Endo keeping the dream alive, as always. Can't say enough good things about this thread. :thumbs up
LOL I try little by little. Just following my dreams.

Reman +98 Integra Power Steering, no mods needed. Direct bolt on.

My NGK Power Cables were FILTHY from being on the GSR. WD40 cleaned them up nice.

Had this laying around, actually looks really close to the OEM 98 Spec Faux carbon cover.

Feels good to be making progress on both cars.



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RHD harness sold in less than a day, paid for my block inspection

Block walls are still good, need to be bored. Not sure if to sell or keep it.

Never go full Subaru

Sometimes I like rice

Replacing the Alternator pulley also, used an O2 sensor tool and a 10 mm.

New ITR oil cap and ASR radiator mounts for my full size coming in the mail.


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I had a transmission bell housing and borrowed a starter to do a compression test. For being a cold test im pretty satisfied.




Ready for new parts
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Holy hell that's some high compression :lol:
LOL that's what I thought

Nasty stuff

New OE stuff

Love this tool

IDK, have a feeling the belt is going the wrong direction after I installed

Catch can stuff installed

Stainless steel studs and titanium flange nuts

Hopefully the lower timing cover gets here by next weekend because that's when the engine is going in.