Most recent picture of your car!


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That’d work just as well from what I’ve heard about them.

I was gonna say just spend a shit load of time sanding it with a block and a DA, and either use duplicolor clear for their nozzles, or go higher quality and use SEM, and lay down like 3-4 coats wetsanding each one before the next, and finishing off the last one with a wetsand/polish/sealant.

That oughta last a few years, especially if you keep wax or a good sealer on it.

Out of the last 9 pictures of people's cars in this thread...only 3 of them are teggys lol

Most of us have moved on from our Tegs sadly. (I still have mine) Digging the BRZ!


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Most of us have moved on from our Tegs sadly. (I still have mine) Digging the BRZ!
Thanks! Yeah, mine is still around actually, too. It was my sister's for a while, but now my dad just uses it as a commuter. Maybe I'll get it back from him and go full time attack...
Took the Juke out to the local drag races. Did okay considering it's just a Juke
They put you against a terminator? That’s just plain mean
For what it's worth, every car I was lined up against was faster than I was (by a lot)

It wasn't really bracketed or anything, you just line up and go more or less haha. It was a good time nonetheless.
I’ve been wanting to run my GT a couple of times just to see if it’ll do high 13’s, but obviously I don’t care that much or I already would have
yeah, honestly I took the Juke not necessarily to run good times (that's a bonus though) but to troll a bunch of people on this facebook group I am in. They all have "built" cars, but are all more or less hard parkers or posers.


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It’s too much work to find an event here. You have to be a part of the scene to get any heads up because they only schedule events a month at a time... and obviously the scene here is a bunch of old redneck fuckers in Monte Carlo’s, pinto’s, and 80s crown Vic’s so it’s insufferable garbage


The other asshole
Haven’t taken a picture of my shit in a month, seems like I rarely get to take it places I can look back and admire it.

Last pic I have of it^ after the mulch bag incident. Had to sand that shit off my x-pipe with 80 grit, acetone didn’t phase it.

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