My 94 Integra LS


Havent updated in a while...

Engine block is at the machine shop currently getting the following
- New Main and Rod Bearings
- Stock LS Rods with ARP Rod Bolts (Finally lol cheap insurance)
- Nippon 84.5mm B16 Style Pistons

Also bought Science of Speed LMA for the head.
Shop is going to be degree'ing in the cams and putting it all together for me.

Also ordered a Top1 Motors Rear Diffuser... That should look cool.

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Welp, some good or bad news depending on how you look at it.

When I took the block off, everything seemed well.
However, when the machinist went to machine it, they discovered a cracked cylinder sleeve.

I already got another used B20 block for $250, so not all bad, but glad I caught it.


Well block is all good after a new one was sourced.
Motor is installed and test ran for about 20 minutes.

Let it sit and did a compression test = 260psi across all 4 cylinders.


Wow nice, good price on the b20. What headers are you running with it?


Wow I have not been on here in ages.
I guess I am due for an update.

Installed a UEGO
Modified my axle back exhaust to make the splitter fit better.
Got the car tuned on E85 and 93.

I have concluded that E85 rocks...much better than 93.
Engine runs much colder and E85 is much cheaper overall despite a 20% decrease in gas mileage.

Car made 228whp on E85, and 223 on 93.
Only about an 8hp gain over my previous setup, but I have a feeling that has to do with too small of a header (Toda Rep) and also not having my cam timing done. I will most likely be doing that over the winter or after race season.

Took my car out for the first time last weekend.
Before hand, I had been dealing with a weird electrical issue - when radiator fan/electrical load was applied the car would want to die. I believe I have fixed it with re-doing my ground wires.

Here are some pics. My car has about 5mph more top end (I'm going into 5th gear) on the long straight at Gingerman.
First day, came within 3 tenths of my PB. Second say beat my PB by 4 tenths. Sitting at a 1.44.097 on Gingerman currently.



Well had 2 more races since the above.

Gridlife Track Battle Rd 3 at Autobahn Raceway.
Was able to get 3rd place there.

Also went to Honda Meet aka Western Michigan Honda Meet aka WMHM 17.
They had Vtec Club there again, and I placed 2nd in A2.
In order for me to be competitive in A2, I had to remove all my aero so I could run 100TW tires.
And boy did that help, I shave another 1.2 seconds off my PB!

I have come to the conclusion that Aero does work, but you need enough power to overcome the drag.
With just a Mugen Gen 2 Rep from VIS and no splitter/GT wing/diffuser, the car ran so much faster.
I was about 3-5 mph faster in all of the straights.... #drivermod.0

Here are some laps at Gingerman.


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Are you going to Gridlife South? I'll have to come say hi, I've seen your car for sure at Gingerman before. I was camping with the purple turbo GSR at Midwest this summer.