OBD-1 ECU Codes


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On Board Diagnostics 1, '92 - '95 Integra's.

Code/area of problem

0 Faulty PCM (Powertrain Control Module)
1 Oxygen content
3+5 Manifold absolute pressure
4 Crankshaft position sensor
6 Coolant temperature
7 Throttle angle (Throttle position sensor)
8 TDC Position (Top Dead Center)
9 No. 1 cylinder position (CYP sensor)
10 Intake air temperature
12 Exhaust Gas Recirculation system
13 Barometric pressure
14 Idle air control (IAC) valve
15 Ignition output system
16 Fuel Injector
17 Vehicle speed sensor
19 Lock-up control solenoid
20 Electronic load detector
21 Variable Valve Timing and Valve lift solenoid (VTEC solenoid)
22 Variable Valve Timing and control pressure switch
23 Knock sensor
30 A/T FI signal A
41+48 Oxygen sensor heater
43 Fuel supply system
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CODE 8- you're ganna have to replace your distributor.


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Whats the trick u have to do so the ecu shows you the codes by flashing the CEL??


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Old posting but on the Passenger side under the dash where your Glove Compartment is there will be a green or blue rubber molded clip holder holding two connectors or one in some cases. Get the one with only two connections and place a paper clip to connect both together and then turn your key to the on position withou starting your car. Look at your Check Engine Light and it will flash telling you your code. It will flash three times and then begin. I believe the ABS light will flash for ABS codes correct???? anyone???? or the check engine light will flash????


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code 7

im getting code 7 witch throttle position... i changed the tps sensor already but it still get that code.. when i put the car on on position it doesnt give me a code.. when i turn it on it give me the code.. does any one have a clue how to get it off.... i just got a new motor and it didnt give it to me before, but i have the jdm b18b now and now i get it.. i tried changing the throttle with my old one but i still get it so i dont know whats up help plese


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cory_cnx said:
can anyone tell me how to fix the codes 4,7 and 9
might need a new distrubutor and a new crank sensor.. maybe your timming is really offthe .... tps code 7 i have the same problem..


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for the paper clip trick when connecting the connectors, where will you insert each side of the paper clip into? like you know how the connectors have many different little slots in them, which one will they go into? need it asap


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0 Faulty PCM (Powertrain Control Module)

Does this mean that the light does not flash at all or comes on and stays on ( not flashing)?
This is the current state I have on my 1994 GSR. No start, the fault code I get (after jumpering the connector) is the Check Engine Light comes on but does not go out. I read that as a bad ECU.
Am I correct in my thinking?


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I got the same problem but my car will run til i accelerate,i jump the wires and a constand CEL is on but my abs light flashes???? code 1 and 2???? Any ideas?