2nd Gen Roll Call!

93 LS Here

Honestly i dunno what to think of it :p
but 1400$ ago i didn't have a car and the rest of the house did so there is that...
Ignore the date stamp the camera's batteries were just replaced and i didnt reset the date


Looking for my next Teg..
Hey folks.. Just signed up here, but have been at g2ic for a minute. u can see basic details at my thread there (cause I'm too lazy to repost it all here)


New to tegs, not new to honda cars and motors :) IT nerd by day, and grease monkey by weekends and evenings so I'm always happy to offer help where I can as far as diagnosis and repair.
white 91 integra LS
except for suspension:
I ordered
h&r lowering springs
skunk2 pro PLUS camber kit
skunk2 rear camber

I need to figure out what brand anti-roll bars I should get. any suggestions???
Black 91 Acura Integra GS
>DC intake
>GReddy exhaust
>Slammed on 14" black steelies.
>Tokico Blue Struts (in back)
>H&R lowering springs (in front)
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Can't se pics from facespace

LOL at all the noobs who just join the group and then disappear
92 GSR DA All stock except...

K&N cold air, upgraded chip
and in the works are the coilovers which i'm still waiting to arrive.
=) love my teggy.

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