anyone actually ride bicycles?

Bringing this back from the dead.

My 2013 Leader 725
2013 Leader 725 Frame. Stopped riding it because it developed the 'leader creak' i believe it popped a weld in the seat tube

Specialized Langster SS. This is my girlfriend's bike and a bike i ride when i dont want to ride my other langster.

Felt Z6 - used this for a week to ride a sportiv. Had gravel and probably was better to ride this than a fixed bike.

2016 Langster Pro - this is my day to day bike.


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I still ride a bit with my son, depending how my knees are doing,sux getting old and wore out,haha.

my gt performer I bought at vans when they were here, still cry that they closed (

my fit I built a few years back, still hopeless without brakes, so light though )


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I need me some fancy shit like that^

I've been having a lot of lower back pain lately so I decided to break my old school walmart turd out again, clean it up and ride again, and I gotta say... I forget how damn good of a workout riding a poorly geared BMX bike is :lol:

It's helped the back pain a looot though just from two 15-20 min rides every other day.



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Big shock... kert is showing off his bulge.

Funny enough this thread would pop up though, as one of my regular customers at work is Profile Racing.
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They stopped making frames at least 10 years ago. The only s*** that ever goes into my van are their axles, cassettes, etc. Pretty much everything in the pic that's black.

Oh, and power steering housings.... Because they still make dirt track car parts :lol:


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I feel like Coy should be telling us how meat is murder and wheat grass is amazing. :lol:


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^ So your go to brand is Haro?

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