F*ck the K20 swap; there's a new swap in town! - G23


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Okay, this was in the newest Import Tuner magazine.... They call it a G23 since it's a hybrid between the H22 and the F23.... A "stock" G23 swap costs a mere $1800.... heres some good shit right here guys, listen up...

"1. But what about Honda's big-block of yesterday, the H22A? DOHC, VTEC, 2.2 liters of diaplacement, and 190+hp all for a third of the K-series price. Not a bad deal,, apart from its fiber-reinforced metal (FRM) cylinder walls that make over-boring imossible and don't get along with aftermarket pistons. So whats an economical (read: broke) but mechanically inclined Honda owner to do? if you're Bolisbuilt's Chris Bolin, you roll all the above engines into one 2.3L, 250hp, DOHC VTEC monster, name it the "G23 VTEC", and do it all for less than you'd spend on any of the others."

"2. I thought about swapping in a stock H22A. But then he read about a honda-tech member's write-up of an F23/H22 Frankenstein project." - basically he then bought a H22A longblock with a spun main bearing for $200 and a F23 shortblock for $100.

Picuture of more writing. (im getting lazy lol)

" 3. no major machine work was needed to bring everything together, but the H22 head uses eight ports to drain oil back into its block; the F23 block uses only six. All of the F's drain ports match up with the H22 head, but the remaining two Chris had to block off with DIY plugs, consisting of bolts driven into the head and then grinded flush. There was also a slight difference in external water pipe routing between them, which Chris solved with some creative used of a welder and some scavenged pipe."

4. Pic:

5. Pic:

6. "with the engine assembled, blted up to its trans. and dropped into its new engine bay, it appeared Chris was on the homestretch with his project. Until he discovered a new set of hurdles to clear: fitment. "If you've ever seen an H22, it tilts back toward the firewall, allowing for better clearence to the hood." The H2B kit doesn't give the F23 block this lean, so it sits way higher in a civic engine bay than a B or an H series engine, especially in the EF engine bay." Basically he notched his hood for clearence (i suppose like the 2G eclipses) with a sledge hammer. Also, "he used Innovative Mounts alternator relocator bracket to buy a little more room. but had to bang out the hood for clearence for the crank and alternator pulleys. The stock H22 fuel lines were all retained, but an intake and header had to be custom-made and the stock exhaust modified."

7. " With the car up and running, Chris could've stopped where he did, with a 2.3L hybrid mill boasting K-series power and torque for a fraction of the price.... But why not spend a little more to make it even faster."

Basically, he got Wiseco K20 pistons that offer 12.8:1 compression and their valve releifs could accomodate the higher life and duration of much more aggressive cams... like the used Skunk2 pro 3 cams and cam gears he found on ebay for $500 that he coupled with Supertech dual valve springs and titanium retainers for a few bucks more. He also replaced his intake with a TWM 52mm ITB's. A Kaizenspeed balance shaft frees up a couple more ponies. Clutchmasters FX500 and ACT Prolite clutch/flywheel. The result: 248.6whp and 181.2 lb-ft of torque, as measured and tuned by the Latrobe, Pa."

well there is some info on doing a G23 VTEC swap. I suppose you can search up that Honda-tech article. But i'm not hear to do EVERYTHING for you guys lol.

Heres a final pictures.



THAT is what I was referring to in Jake's thread!!!!

Have yall heard of that Accord frankenmotor with an H head and an F block? I don't remember who built it but I believe it made like 240 NA HP with factory parts..
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90 EF LS/V 95 DC4
I would to if I had a ton of money laying around. But for the rest of the world, a budget frankenstein motor is usually a really great option, like the ls/vtec b20/vtec, etc.


90 EF LS/V 95 DC4
too heavy how? like make the car unbalanced? Maybe slightly heavier than a B18, bust it shouldn't be anything drastic.


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hmm i was under the impression that the h22 was too heavy to put into an integra i think i read it on here...but that motor swap is for sure a possibility


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no... H22 isn't too heavy.

Thats why they make the engine mount kits for the EG to put a v6 into them. lol


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i had a h22 teg it had a 100 more ponds on my gsr and i hoped a lil more but the power felt the same